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    Children can crawl into our range of Sensory Dens & Tents and find an amazing world of exploration and sensory play.

    Use for sensory stimulation, role play, exploring imagination, drama, scientific investigation and fun!

     Please note that many of the light up toys, lamps and lights are not suitable for under the age of 3 and should be used with adult supervision due to the small parts (chocking hazard).

    44 products
    Sensory Cube Dark Den Tent
    Dark Cube Den Tent And Sensory Den Play Bundle
    sensory pop up den
    Large Pop Up Blackout Sensory Den
    Large Pop Up Blackout Sensory Den and Light Up Toy Bundle
    pop up tent
    Small Pop Up Blackout Sensory Den
    Small Pop Up Blackout Sensory Den & Sensory Den Play Bundle
    Sensory White Pop Up Projector Den - Small
    Mini Pop Up Blackout Sensory Den
    Sensory Den Play Bundle
    Light Up Toy Bundle
    Light Up Sensory Jar
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    Medium Dark Den Tent
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    Black Modula Pop Up Pod
    Light Up Round Play Tent
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    flashing tambourine
    Set of 2 - Light Up Sensory Tambourine
    Kaleidoscope Lamp
    Set of 3 Double Ended Flashing Baton
    flashing foam stick
    flashing foam stick
    Set of 3 - Light Up Foam Batons
    Bog Eyed Bugglies Fidget Toy
    Set of 3 - Flashing Sensory Ball on a Stick
    Light up Spikey Ball - 9cm
    Light up Digit Ball
    Set of 3 - Flashing Wibble Balls
    Set of 2 - Flashing Prism Ball
    Wavy Glow Spaghetti Strings
    UV sensory balls
    UV Spine Balls pack of 4
    UV Kit Medium
    UV Kit Small
    UV Mat
    UV Torch large
    uv torch
    UV Torch small
    Stick N Glow Stars
    uv cube and bean bag set
    UV soft sensory blocks & bean bags set
    uv light up ball
    UV tactile flexi ball
    Set of 2 - UV Knitted balls
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    Gold & Silver Glitter Shake n Shine (Set of 2)
    Fibre Optic ICE with Remote Control colour changing base
    LED Torches
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    Light up colour changing liquid glitter ball
    Light Up Liquid Colour Changing Glitter Ball
    Flashing Squash Caterpillar

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