Sensory Balls

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    Explore the senses with our range of sensory balls. With different textures, weights, shapes, sizes and colours to choose from there will something that you will love!

    Bounce, roll, throw, catch, squeeze and stretch to improve fine and gross motor skills, concentration, hand-eye coordination, colour, shape and tactile awareness as well as visual tracking.

    A great resource for the classroom that encourages exercise, turn-taking, cooperation and team play.

    11 products
    odd balls
    Odd balls set of 4
    Easy grip balls pack of 4
    Easy grip balls pack of 4
    Easy Grip Ball set pk4
    Sensory Massage Ball
    from £3.00
    Hedgehog Sensory Ball
    Sensory Ball
    Sensory balls pack of 20
    Sensory balls pack of 20
    Sensory Balls Pack of 20
    Fleece Sensory Balls
    Fleece Sensory Balls (pack of 6)
    Engraved Sensory Balls
    Engraved Sensory Balls (Pack of 6)
    Sensory Ball Pack
    Sold Out
    Pom Pom ball 7cm
    Set 6 Sensory Balls

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