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    Our Sensory range brings together, Calming, Fidgets, Light Up and Touch Toys, and Sensory Dens. Providing sensory stimulation benefits and fun for all ages.
    76 products
    Sensory Break Out Kit
    Self Calming Kit
    massage cushion
    Vibrating Massage Cushion - Black
    vibrating massage cushion
    vibrating massage cushion
    Vibrating Massage Pillow
    Senseez Vibrating Seat Cushion
    Bumpy Turtle
    soft vibrating massage pillow
    soft vibrating massage pillow
    Tactile Vibrating Massage Cushion
    Body Massager with LED lights
    Sensory Ooze Tube Set - Pk3
    Gold & Silver Glitter Shake n Shine (Set of 2)
    Fidget Squidgy Textured Circles
    Sensory Soft Bead Filled Squidgy Shapes (Set of 4)
    Sold Out
    Fibre Optic ICE with Remote Control colour changing base
    Pyramid Light Up Colour Changing
    Rainbow Light
    Easy to Grip Flashing Web Ball
    Set of 3 - Light Up Ridged Rugby Balls
    Glitter Storm Set Pk3
    Worry Monster 28cm
    Pop it Sensory Tangram 20cm
    weighted cuddly fox
    weighted cuddly elephant
    Weighted Cuddly Animals
    Fleece Weighted Lap Pad
    from £42.00
    Weighted Shoulder-Lap Sensory Snake 1.5kg
    Weighted Turtle Lap Pal-Silver Grey
    Weighted Tactile Crab Lap Pal
    Weighted Tactile Bean Bags (set of 5)
    Hot Pak - Scented Heat Pack (Colour choices)
    Sold Out
    Textured Bean Bags (set of 10)
    Sold Out
    Sensory Brushes (pack of 3)
    Sensory Brushes (pack of 3)
    Sold Out
    Therapressure Brush
    Sensory Massage Ball
    from £3.00
    Set of 3 - Go Bounce Soft Ball - Small
    ORTO Nature - Forest School Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 4
    ORTO Nature - Happy Path Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 8
    ORTO Nature - Animal Trio Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 3
    Set of 6 Textured Floor Tiles
    Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog Sensory Tree House
    Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog Fidget Friend
    Playfoam Shape & Learn Counting
    Things That Go Together Wooden Puzzle

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