Sleep and Bath Time

11 products

    Calm, relax, soothe and play with our range of Bath time toys and Sleep aids.

    Please note that the lamps and light up sets are not toys, and should not be given to those under the age of 3 and always used under adult supervision. 

    11 products
    Whale Floating Fill n Spill Bath Toy
    Pirate Ship fill n spill Bath Toy
    Bubble Mink Sherpa Baby Blanket 75 - 100cm
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    Rainbow Light
    Pyramid Light Up Colour Changing
    Kaleidoscope Lamp
    Sensory Twin Tornado Glitter Lamp
    Gold & Silver Glitter Shake n Shine (Set of 2)
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    Light up unicorn
    Set of 2 - Light up Unicorn Bath Toys
    Flamingo bath light
    Set of 2 - Flamingo Bath Lights
    Laser Sphere

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