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    Our Chewbuddy™ range of Sensory Chews combines the best in safety and hygiene with textures, different levels of hardness and shapes.

    Sensory Direct’s Chewbuddy™ Range has been developed for children and adults who seek oral sensory feedback in mind and combines the best in safety and hygiene with textures, different levels of hardness and shapes.

    All of Sensory Direct's chewys are made in the UK from medical graded material and are latex free.

    They can be sterilised or cleaned by popping them into the dishwasher or washed in hot water and mild soap. They are all CE approved.

    Whether its a Sensory Chew for the wrist, pencil or around the neck on a safety lanyard, our range, handmade in the UK, has it all. 

    26 products
    Chewbuddy™ Selection Jar - Standard
    Chewbuddy 6 Pack
    The Happy Sensory Chew Pack
    Our 5 most popular chews
    Chewbuddy™ Stickman - Single
    Chewbuddy™ Stickman - Red & Blue Twin Pack
    Chewbuddy™ Disc - Single
    Chewbuddy™ Disc - Twin Pack
    Chewbuddy™ Pl!ng Grab Chew - Single
    Chewbuddy™ Pl!ng Grab Chew - Twin Packs
    Chewbuddy™ Super - Single
    Chewbuddy™ Super - Twin Pack
    chewy bangle purple
    Chewbuddy™ Bangle - Single
    Ghost - Monster Chewbuddy™ - Single
    Skull - Monster Chewbuddy™ - Single
    Chewybuddy™ Tubes - Pack of 8
    Chewbuddy™ Tubes - pack of 4
    Chewbuddy™ Tubes - Twin Pack
    Chewbuddy™ Sensory Teether - Single
    cuff cover
    cuff cover
    Cuff cover - child
    Cuff Cover - large
    Chewbuddy™ Selection Jar - Tuff
    ARK Baby Tetra Bite Soft
    Chewbuddy™ Stickman Tuff - Single
    Chewbuddy 6 Pack - Tuff (Colour Mix)
    Silicone Teether - Bunny

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