Liquid Sets & Timers

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    Visually impressive liquid tubes can be a great resource for focus time and inspire curiosity & help develop language skills. Try shaking and watching the glitter swirl around the tube, or tip up the oozing liquid and be memorised by the way it slowly oozes to the bottom.

    Find out how a simple liquid or sand timer can help children learn to manage their time. These are perfect for children with Autism or those that benefit from following a routine, keeping them motivated to complete their tasks. 

    13 products
    Large Sensory Bubble Set Pk4
    Sensory Bubble Set Pk4
    Sensory Ooze Tube Set - Pk3
    Glitter Storm Set Pk3
    Sand Timers - set of 3
    Spiral liquid timer green and black - single
    Spiral Liquid Timer Set of 3
    Sensory liquid timer single
    Sensory Liquid Timer Single
    Sensory Liquid Set - set of 3
    Animal Tooth Brusher Timer
    Time Timer TWIST - 90 min
    Time Timer Plus - 60 min
    Time Timer Personal Size (Small)

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