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    Our Playmats encourage exploring textures, colours and movement. 

    Orto Nature Playmats are soft interlocking sensory puzzle playmats for kids & adults. Inspired by nature, designed to embrace curiosity. Bright colours, multiple textures, fun & unique designs. Use indoors or outdoors.

    Each set has unique designs using elements of the natural world to create beautifully tactile sensory playmats. As well as being great fun these mats develop imagination, boost circulation, help to correct flat footedness, improve posture and develop the vestibular system.

    Suitable for age 2+

    9 products
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    ORTO Nature - Ultimate Collection Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cm x 25cm) Set of 30
    ORTO Nature - Happy Path Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 8
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    ORTO Nature - Sensory Nature Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 6
    ORTO Nature - Sensory Elements Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 4
    ORTO Nature - Forest School Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 4
    ORTO Nature - Animal Trio Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 3
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    Sensory Touch Tags Carry Cushion

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