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    Our selection of fidget toys will keep hands busy whilst helping to develop fine motor skills, concentration, tactile awareness,  visual perception skills, colour and size discrimination. 

    Our selection of sensory fidget toys also encourage focus, help to reduce self stimulatory behaviour and can help to calm and de-stress.
    PLEASE NOTE: Fidget toys contain small parts so are not suitable for children ages 3 and under. Please use adult supervision where appropriate. 
    35 products
    Fidget Toy Pack - Small
    Fidget Toy Pack - Medium
    Large Fidget Pack with Storage Bag
    Sensory Fidget Jar
    Essential Sensory Grab Bag - With Oral Chewys
    Candy Sensory 12 Variety Gift Box
    Sensory Squidgy Fidget Pack of 6
    Secret Marble Fidget - wipe clean/anti bac
    Essential Sensory Grab Bag - Without Oral Chewys
    Monster Variety 5 Fidget Gift Box
    Marble Maze Fidget - Wipe Clean / anti bac
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    Pop it Glow In The Dark
    Set of 4 - Wooden Twist n Lock Blocks Fidget Toy
    Set of 3 - Wooden Twisty Animals
    Fidget Squidgy Textured Circles
    Sensory Soft Bead Filled Squidgy Shapes (Set of 4)
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    Spikey Massage Ring
    Wavy Glow Spaghetti Strings
    Marble Fidget Maze
    from £5.99
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    Flashing Squash Caterpillar
    Light Up Toy Bundle
    Set of 2 - Flashing Prism Ball
    Therapeutic Putty 3 Pack (Red, Green, Yellow)
    Squidgy Farm Animals
    Squidgy Puppies
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    Fidget Ooze Tubes (3 Pack)
    Set of 2 - Woody the Worms
    Sensory Crinkle Fidget & Squishy Mesh Ball Keyring
    Sensory Crinkle Fidget & Furry Squish Ball Keyring
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    Spiral Magic Tube
    Set of 3 - Flashing Sensory Ball on a Stick
    Sensory Den Play Bundle - With Storage Bag
    Small Pop Up Blackout Sensory Den & Sensory Den Play Bundle
    Large Pop Up Blackout Sensory Den & Sensory Den Play Bundle
    Colourmix Sensory Tubes - Set of 3

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