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    Our range of sensory toys are designed to enhance sensory skills in early years.  These toys include elements such as bright, contrasting colours, sounds, or different textures.

    To help children develop their senses in a safe and natural environment using play.

    82 products
    Therapeutic Putty Small Tub (56g)
    from £4.99
    Sensory Soft Bead Filled Squidgy Shapes (Set of 4)
    Fidget Squidgy Textured Circles
    Textured Jelly Alphabet (Upper Case)
    Translucent Geometric Shapes
    Rainbow glitter balls
    Rainbow Glitter Balls Pack of 7
    Glitter Storm Set Pk3
    Sensory Ooze Tube Set - Pk3
    Gold & Silver Glitter Shake n Shine (Set of 2)
    Colourmix Sensory Tubes - Set of 3
    Sensory Fidget Tubes - Set of 4
    Large Textured Sensory Light Ball Set - Pk4
    Silver Sensory Reflective Balls - Pack of 4
    Sensory blocks
    Sensory blocks
    Sensory Blocks
    Taster - Sensory Variety Gift Box
    Spiral Magic Tube
    ORTO Nature Rainbow Melody Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 9
    ORTO Nature - Forest School Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 4
    ORTO Nature - Happy Path Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 8
    ORTO Nature - Animal Trio Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 3
    ORTO Nature Sensory Land Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 16
    ORTO Nature Morning Miracle Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 10
    ORTO Nature Young Explorer Sensory Puzzle Playmats (25cmx25cm) Set of 6
    Round Liquid Floor Tiles - Set of 4
    Liquid Floor Tiles - Square 50cm x 50cm - Set of 6
    liquid floor tiles
    Small Liquid Floor Tiles -Set of 4
    Sold Out
    Set of 6 Textured Floor Tiles
    Sold Out
    Tactile Mini Mats set of 6
    No Mess PlayFoam Original (Pack of 4)
    No Mess PlayFoam Original 8 Pack
    Playfoam student set
    PlayFoam Student Set
    Playfoam Glow in the Dark 4 pack
    PlayFoam Combo 20 Pack
    PlayFoam Combo 20 Pack
    Playfoam Crackle (4 pack)
    Sensory Textured Pads Memory Game
    Silishapes Sensory Circle Set
    Teachable Touchables Texture Squares (set of 20)
    weighted cuddly fox
    weighted cuddly elephant
    Weighted Cuddly Animals
    Set of 3 - Flashing Sensory Ball on a Stick
    shake and shine light white
    White Shake n Shine Lights

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