Bubble Tubes & Mood Lighting

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    We have a range of bubble tubes in differing sizes and prices to suit all needs that are an inexpensive way to create a relaxing and calming environment.

    Also to help with sleep & relaxation, our mood lighting, projectors and night lights.

    Please note that many of the light up toys, lamps and lights are not suitable for under the age of 3 and should be used with adult supervision due to the small parts (chocking hazard).

    30 products
    Bubble tubes
    LED Bubble Tubes : 60cm - 120cm
    from £17.99
    Sensory Mood Light Table
    Sensory Mood Light - Egg
    Sensory Mood Light - Pyramid
    Sensory Mood Light - Pebble
    Sensory Mood Light - Ball
    Sensory Mood Light - Cube
    Infinity Mirror
    Colour Changing Egg Light
    Colour Changing Egg Mood Lights - Pack of 4
    Kaleidoscope Lamp
    Starlight Night Projector
    colour matching chameleon
    colour matching chameleon
    Light up Chameleon
    rocket night light
    Rocket Night Light
    unicorn nightlight
    Rechargeable Colour Change Unicorn nightlight
    led colour change narwhal
    Narwhal nightlight
    Rechargable Narwhal nightlight
    Rechargable Dinosaur nightlight
    Sold Out
    Llamacorn Night Light
    Fibre Optic ICE with Remote Control colour changing base
    Pyramid Light Up Colour Changing
    Rainbow Light
    Gold & Silver Glitter Shake n Shine (Set of 2)
    Plasma Ball
    Double flashing ball on stick
    Light up colour changing liquid glitter ball
    Light Up Liquid Colour Changing Glitter Ball
    Sold Out
    shake and shine light white
    White Shake n Shine Lights
    Flashing Colour Changing Infinity Tunnel Pendant
    Stick N Glow Stars
    LED Light Bundle One (4 items)
    LED Light Bundle Three (9 items)

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