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    Our range of Resources for the Classroom enables teachers to find solutions to help those children that need a little bit more help with settling into the classroom environment. 

    We've brought together a range of resources to help with writing and focusing, reduce fidgeting and promote good focus skills.

    62 products
    Yellow Silishapes® Trace Numbers - Pk10
    Pink Transparent Silishapes® Trace Alphabet - pk26
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    Rainbow Gel Alpha Boats
    Rainbow Gel Number Fish
    Sensory Light Panel Exploration Pack
    perception semisphere sensory
    perception sphere
    Perception Semispheres (pack of 8)
    Perception Spheres (Pack of 8)
    Sensory Perception Cubes - Pk 8
    Translucent Colour Blocks - Pk 50
    Translucent Geometric Shapes
    Weighted Lap Pads
    Polycotton Weighted Lap Pads
    from £42.00
    Weighted Shoulder Wrap
    Polycotton Weighted Shoulder Wrap
    from £43.14
    Duo Window Reading Rulers 5 Aqua
    Duo Window Reading Rulers 5 yellow
    Alphabet Cube Book - First Phonics & Colour Matching
    Numbers Cube Book - First Numbers
    Spelling Cube Book - Key Stage On
    Helping Hands Fine Motor Skill Set
    Classroom - Fine Motor Development Pack
    Changing Verbs to Nouns Fun Deck
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    Dual Power Timers - PK5
    Handy Scoopers - Set of 4

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