Your Top Questions On Bubble Tubes

by Marketing SD

Bubble Tubes are a fantastic sensory resource. They provide calming, relaxing, visual feedback via movement and colour. Available in a range of sizes and with different features they are a cost-effective piece of equipment suitable for home and school use.

We’ve collated your top questions on bubble tubes to show where and how they can be used and how to maintain them for optimal use.

#1 What is a Bubble Tube?
A bubble tube is a piece of sensory equipment used to provide calming, relaxing visual feedback via movement and colour. Available in different sizes and with different features, a typical bubble tube will illuminate a series of lights through a stream of bubbles and can also include artificial fish or balls that move along with the bubbles providing additional visual stimulation.

#2 Benefits of a Bubble Tube
There are many benefits to using bubble tubes. They can be used to calm and relax but also to grab attention and focus. The colour changing lights help with colour recognition and the soft vibrating sound can be soothing and provide additional sensory feedback. Bubble tubes that come with artificial fish or balls are good for teaching counting. They can also help to alleviate stress or anxiety so can often be found in sensory rooms to calm down over stimulated children or adults.

#3 What are bubble tubes made from?
The SenseToys Bubble Tubes are made from acrylic, not glass, providing a safer option if accidentally knocked.

#4 Can bubble tubes be used outside?
The SenseToys bubble tubes are not suitable for outside use and must always be used with suitable adult supervision. We would suggest trying them in a sensory den (being careful not to knock over) in a classroom or bedroom to get the maximum effects.

#5 Do bubble tubes make a noise?
Yes. When the bubbles and motor are operating, they do emit a soft vibrating noise which can be of additional benefit to some. We would recommend bearing this in mind if the user is very sensitive to new noises.

#6 What water do I need to use with my bubble tube?
We recommend that distilled water is used inside a bubble tube as this helps to keep the water cleaner for longer and helps with the longevity of the bubble tube. Tap water can be used, but this does make the tube dirtier a lot quicker and will require more frequent cleaning to prevent bacteria from building up.

#7 Are Bubble Tubes portable or fixed?
The SenseToys bubble tubes are portable and do not come with a bracket or fixings to secure it to a wall. This gives you the flexibility to move from room to room, or to try inside a sensory den. To prevent accidental knocks we would recommend adult supervision when using a bubble tube.

#8 Can I use my Bubble Tube in a sensory den?
Absolutely! Bubble tubes are a brilliant addition to a sensory den and can transform the smallest of spaces into an immersive sensory experience. Make sure that the sensory den has a hole for the bubble tube cable to go in – like our Large Pop up Sensory Black Out Dens and make sure that’s it’s used on a suitable flat surface to prevent it from being knocked over.

#9 How do I make the fish in my bubble tube move and float around?
When first opening the fish we recommend that you wash them a couple of times in hot soapy water, as this removes any residue from manufacturing. Once cooled add them to your Bubble Tube and when turned on they should move as expected.

For more information on the range of bubble tubes and accessories from SenseToys please click here

Bubble Tubes are a display light and are not a toy.   Children should be supervised at all time when bubble tubes are in use.