Benefits of Outdoor Play in Early Years

by Marketing SD

Playing outside gives children the chance to explore the natural environment and have adventures.  The sense of freedom playing outdoors is fantastic for a child’s physical and mental development. 

Outdoor play supports children’s problem-solving skills, creativity and provides opportunities to develop their imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness. Children can play games, test their physical limits and build their self-confidence. 

Playing outside can also mean more mess – and more mess often means more fun!

Children are naturally drawn to the outdoors; we know and appreciate the benefits such as:   

  • Encourages an Active Lifestyle, children who play outdoors are more likely to continue physical activities such as walking, running and cycling as they get older.
  • Develops Social Skills, more space outdoors can help children to join in and ‘come out of their shells’. Giving children outdoor playtime encourages co-operative, non-competitive play and re-enforces turn taking and sharing.
  • Encourages Independence, children can develop their own games, ideas and activities to do with friends or on their own, without feeling they’re being directly supervised in an indoor space. Giving children a sense of freedom to make discoveries by themselves.
  • Appreciation of Nature and the Environment, playing and learning outside helps children to understand and respect nature, and the world live in.

There are endless opportunities for creativity, imagination and improved fitness, muscle strength and coordination.

As we know and appreciate, encouraging children to spend more time outdoors is beneficial to their physical well-being and helps them improve their emotional and intellectual health. Whether children are 2 or 12, we know the importance of encouraging them to spend time outdoors. Having toys and equipment, can help children enjoy being outside, whether they’re playing alone or with friends.

Here are some ways to encourage children to play outside.

Make It Fun

Children won’t want to go outside if they think it’s boring.  Spark children’s imagination with fun things to do, like:

Giving children options, especially outdoor activities – empowers them to break mental boundaries, like boredom.  Getting friends and family involved in outdoor playtime, such as a group game or activity, encourages the following skills:

  • Group leadership.
  • Motor skills.
  • Cognitive flexibility.
  • Emotion regulation.

Our Range of toys and equipment, will inspire children to learn new skills, develop their physical health, and become well-rounded, independent and compassionate individuals.

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