Creating a sensory bedroom

by Marketing SD

Welcome to our latest blog on creating a sensory bedroom. Creating a sensory bedroom is a wonderful way to design a space that promotes relaxation, comfort, and stimulation of the senses.  Use as a stimulating sensory retreat throughout the day and as a calming relaxing space at night, helping you settle for sleep.  Best of all, they can be completely tailored to your individual needs.

In this blog we are looking at creating a sensory bedroom to help with the bedtime routine and settling for sleep. Whether it's for yourself, a child, or someone with sensory processing needs, here are our favourite products to consider when creating your sensory bedroom.

Understanding Sensory Bedrooms

Sensory bedrooms are designed to provide comfort and relaxation through targeted sensory experiences. They cater to individuals with sensory processing issues, autism, ADHD, or anyone who benefits from a soothing environment. The goal is to create a space that engages the senses positively.

Elements of a Sensory Bedroom


When painting or decorating the room, opt for calming colours like soft blues, greens, neutrals or paler shades. Avoid very bright or intense colours that might be overstimulating. A great way to add colour to a space without being overwhelming is to add a projector or kaleidoscope lamp. Easy to use they project an array of animated stars, colour formations or watery effects onto walls and ceilings. Perfect for calming visual stimulation before bedtime.



Lighting is a must-have for any sensory bedroom, and there are so many fantastic choices! Without a doubt our favourite sensory bedroom resources are bubble tubes.  They have subtle colour changing lights which illuminate a stream of bubbles. The gentle ebb and flow of the bubbles creates a soothing, calming environment, ideal for the bedtime routine. We love them so much we stock a range of bubble tubes in a variety of heights and effects, both with and without remotes.

Bubble tubes must always be used under adult supervision, and we wouldn't recommend leaving them on for long periods of time. When operating, the bubbles and motor do emit a noise so you should bear this in mind if the user is very sensitive to new noises.

If bubble tubes aren't for you then opt for soft, adjustable lighting that can help create a cozy, relaxed environment. We find mood lights are perfect for just this. They change colour gradually and have a gentle glow effect, adding ambience and atmosphere to any space. Some come with remote controls that allow you to switch through a sequence of muted colours. For something a little different, try night lights.

To create a whole room atmosphere, consider using a projector. Our space projector comes with a calming blue/red lava effect wheel and projects calming lava type effects on a wall or ceiling. 


Textures and Weight

Introduce varied textures through bedding, cushions, and rugs.

For something a bit different try a weighted tactile cushion. They are super tactile and look fantastic on a bed or chair. The soft textures make hugging the cushions a calming sensory experience. Very popular with teens and adults due to the unique and fashionable design.

For older children (12+) and adults, why not try a vibrating massage cushion. Our vibrating cushion can be used for sensory and tactile input. They're a comfortable and convenient way to provide soothing, regulating and healing effects to any part of your body.  The massage effect is activated by squeezing the cushion , hugging it to the body or pressing your back into it whilst seated.

Aromatherapy and Sound

Soothing scents such as lavender, chamomile, and vanilla are popular choices for relaxation. Whilst there are many scented products on the market, for us, a fantastic safe alternative are scented weighted animals. At 800g they provide all the calming benefits of weighted therapy. Pop them in a microwave and you release a calming lavender aroma.

Sound is a great cost-effective way to evoke a calming environment. Incorporate soothing sounds like nature sounds, ambient music, or white noise machines to help mask disruptive sounds. If there is a particular artist or tune you or your child find relaxing, playing this in the build up to bedtime can do wonders in aiding relaxation.


Comfortable Furniture

Invest in a comfortable mattress, pillows, and seating options. Having a simple cosy reading nook can enhance relaxation in the lead up to bedtime. Why not consider adding a bean bag Bean bags are a great, multi-purpose, easy to clean product that can be used for story time in the bedroom, or even taken outside on sunnier days for relaxing!

In addition to seating options, consider using a pop up sensory den. Sensory dens provide the perfect relaxing space for children and adults! Typically used as a calming sensory space during the day, they can also be used as part of your night time routine. Add your favourite sensory resources such as hand held lights, weighted lap pads, fidget toys and cuddly animals.

Additional Tips

Be Practical

Take a good look at the room you are working with. Consider the size and shape of the room, what floor and wall space do you have and how are the equipment and resources going to be used and stored. Are there any items of furniture that can be removed from the room to create more space? It's really important to be practical before you start as it will save you money and time later.

Top tip; Get a tape measure or some masking tape and measure out any larger sensory equipment in the room it's to be used in, before you make the purchase. Some of our products are large and we highly recommend measuring in advance!

Noise and Light Disruption

The main purpose of a sensory bedroom is to provide a calm, relaxing, sensory space. Look around the room and consider whether there is any noise or light clutter that might affect the space. Room temperature is also an important factor to consider, as being too hot or cold can affect the ability to relax.


Consider your budget and prioritise sensory elements that will have the most impact.

Regular Maintenance

Keep the room clean and well-maintained to ensure it remains a peaceful and inviting space.