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    Resistance products, such as resistance bands or body socks can work the muscles and stimulate the "good" hormones, as well as offering sensory feedback to the body during movement. This can be especially rewarding for those living with Autism and other Sensory Processing Disorders.
    Using resistance play equipment is also a great way for letting off a bit of steam, strengthening the core muscles, improving gross motor skills and coordination & balance. 
    Our putty range is designed to meet a wide range of strengthening needs. Try squeezing, stretching, twisting and pinching the putty to aid the strengthening of fingers, hands and wrists. 
    12 products
    Resistance Bands
    Stretchy Lycra Band
    Body Sock
    Transformer sensory sack
    Transformer Sensory Sack
    Soft resistance bands pack of 3
    Soft Resistance Bands Pack of 3
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    Resistance Parachute
    Therapeutic Putty Large Tub (450g)
    Therapeutic Putty
    Therapeutic Putty Small Tub (57g)
    Goobands Bouncing Glow Pogoputti
    Goobands Fruity Scented Glitter Putty
    Goobands Fluffy Duo Putty
    Goobands Fluffy Putty Neon

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